C-Stem™ is an exceptional rejuvenating Vitamin C serum that contains Lilac Stem Cells. C-Stem™ combats signs of visible skin aging, diminishes the appearance of nose to mouth creases, and brightens skin tone. The formula reactivates 14 genes that are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, and helps to reduce the accelerated aging protein Progerin. The result is smoother and softer skin that is more resilient to environmental challenges and stressors.


Featured Ingredients
Lilac Stem Cells: decrease infiammation, reduces breakouts, improves pore appearance shields against free radicals and evens out pigmentation through tyrosinaseinhibition
Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyt Ascorbate): antioxidant that reverse and prevents sun damage. Brightens the skin and shields against both UV and UVB rays.
Marine Algae Extract: modulates genes to decrease skin's level of Progerin
the protein that causes accelerated aging in the body.
Undaria Algae Extract: reactivates 14 genes responsible for the production
of collagen elastin, and hyaluronic acid, the skin's natural fillers and
firming components that typically reduce over time.
When combined these advanced compounds come together to
reduce wrinkles and leave skin with a more youthful, lifted
appearance. At the same time, C-Stem diminishes redness, and
reduces breakouts. The result is smoother and softer skin that is
more resilient to environmental challenges and stressors.


Professional Recommendations
To amplify your results, use C-Stem as part of a complete skin care
regimen. Precede with a medical grade cleanser and follow with
your favorite moisturizer, such as Ultra Benefits® or AHA Marine
Moisture Creme. For sensitive or dry skin, use Vita Soothe together
with C-Stem.




C-STEM Serum Large Size

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  • On occasion, our suppliers change packaging, yet the formula remains the same. This product is an example of this, where the look differs, but the product is unchanged.
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