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Vio Neagu

VIO was trained at one of the best European skin care institutes. After graduating at the top of her class she had the privilege to work with world renowned physicians and permanent make-up artists in Romania, Italy, and USA.  


Her 22 years of professional experience includes two years of teaching at the eminent school of cosmetology in Bucharest, Romania and operating in exclusive salons and medical spas throughout Italy. Twenty years ago she came to America and joined the emerging field of cosmetology. In addition to her "golden hands", exceptional dedication, professionalism and caring nature, VIO brought her extensive experience to the next level in the medical esthetic field. For the past six years she has been specializing in the areola restoration of post-mastectomy patients, as well as permanent make-up.


VIO's passion for her profession and the devoted care for her customers motivate her to always research the newest best technology by constantly attending international esthetic medical conferences and bring it all back to her clinic.


During her entire career, VIO had the honor to meet, work and exchange experience with famous plastic surgeons, dermatologists, fashion designers, supermodels, and numerous celebrities in the art world. Her caring nature goes beyond work and she always finds time to give back to the community and to those who are less fortunate through charitable donations, sponsorship, and volunteerism. 


One of VIO's main characteristics is her welcoming personality; everyone who comes to visit her feels and receives the royal treatment.

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